We provide trainings where we focus on the basics and the principles of Islamic Finance, whether it be guidelines for investments, operations, marketing, banking products, takaful, sukuk or any other aspect of Islamic finance. We also offer training for both financial and organizational restructuring to ensure that operations and finances are carried out in the most Shariah Compliant way. Besides Financial Trainings we also provide trainings on Portfolio Management where we focus on the management of the investment portfolios whether they may be that of a corporation or an individual, and to manage them in a way that is most in line with the Shariah.

Some of our cornerstone offerings include:

Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance is a commonly misunderstood form of banking, it is usually generalized into the same category as Conventional Finance. In this series of 2 sessions, each of 3 hours, we elaborate the principles of Islamic Finance to make it clear and certain just how fundamentally different Islamic Finance is from Conventional finance. We explain the concepts of Interest, Uncertainty and Gambling and how Islamic Finance is free of them. Apart from the fundamentals on which Islamic Finance is based, we also discuss and elaborate the various modes of finance such as Equity based, Sale based or Services and Rental based.

The workshop is designed especially for people working in conventional financial institutions offering Islamic financial services as a separate window. Because of these trainings participants acquire basic knowledge of Islamic law and how to apply it to financial transactions, they can attain knowledge of different Islamic financial products and services using a Case based interactive learning methodology.

Financial Modeling

Performing accurate and realistic analysis is crucial to effective financial operations. And this analysis too depends not just on the data that is available at hand but on the expertise of the team and experts that are available to an organization and the What-If Scenarios that they can incorporate through their knowledge and abilities. Enabling personnel to do this is one aspect of our trainings on financial modelling.

Excel is today one of the most widely used spreadsheet in any organization. However, Microsoft Excel Research has shown that the average user is familiar with less than 1% of Excel capabilities. Financial Modeling with Excel is such a workshop where knowledge of Finance meets with Technology for better understanding of Financial World.

The workshop is designed especially for financial analysts, financial planners, portfolio managers, accountants who strive to enhance their capabilities and want to acquire techniques to augment informed decision making.

Sales Enhancement of Islamic Financial Services

In current recessionary trends growth of Islamic financial services has outpaced conventional financial Services, Conventional financial institutions are finding it difficult to compete in the market with Islamic financial services. This course aims at transferring the pre‐requisite knowledge to the sales team and the top management to enhance their selling abilities of Islamic financial services. Customers look for the Islamic touch in sales pitch and the lack of this finishing touch reduces your ability to sell in the Islamic financial world. Therefore, appropriate knowledge of Islamic Finance and application of knowledge with sales strategies are the ingredients to successful business closure in the world of Islamic Finance.

The workshop is designed for both corporate and retail sales team of conventional financial institutions having separate windows for Islamic finance. Top management catering to Islamic finance is also welcome in this training course to learn strategy development in the Islamic financial world.

Custom Trainings

Every business is unique and every organization is different and might have different needs. We realize that sometimes it becomes impossible to meet these needs through standard avenues, therefore we also deliver customized trainings which are tailored to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs that client's have.

Custom training development means the entire design will be the right fit for your learners and your business objectives, this is no easy task specially in an industry as complicated as finance. But the right application of expertise ensures that our offerings are both advanced enough to meet our clients' needs but also simple enough to be understood and implemented by an organization's employees.

Since we customize training there can be no standard list of trainings available but they can include Finance, Islamic Finance, Halal Food and almost any other topic that is part of our services portfolio or part of the fundamentals of Islamic Finance.